Meet the Team

At Dr.'s Ramsey and Ozaki, we pride ourselves in having the absolute best staff anywhere to serve our many customers. Those of you who are already patients of ours know how accomplished and personal our staff is and compliment us all the time about how good they are. They have been with us for so long that they truly are our "family" away from home. Our staff is always ready and willing to assist you in making your day easier. Come and experience how good they are and we know you'll have the same feelings we do!

Learn Who We Are

  • Roya N

    Roya has been with us since 2004. She is our office manager and multiskilled in all facets of the optical side of eye care. She see's that everything in the office runs as smooth as possible. Roya has 1 daughter, Lailee, who is now years old.

  • Alex M

    Alex also wears one of our management hats. She will assist you in any area where you might have questions, from frame selection to contact lenses to billing. She has been with us since 2008. Alex has one young son, Aiden, who will be one year old this December of 2020.

  • Veronica M

    Veronica joined us in 2010 shortly after her sister, Alex, recommended her to us. Veronica is one of our do everything individuals. From frame selection, contact lens, and any and all customer assistance, she is there for you. Veronica is also our Lasik ambassador and can answer any questions you may have about Lasik.

  • Paul S

    Paul is out newest employee if you call 4 years with us new. Paul came to us multi-skilled and sees that our optical shop runs smoothly. Paul has over 25 years in the field of eye care and assists in the most difficult of frame adjustments if you are having any trouble. Paul is a cook extraordinaire.

  • Rosie D

    Rosie is our long timer. She was one of our very first employees when we first started in San Ramon. She has been with us as an optician and past manager since 1993. You will usually see Rosie more on the weekends as she has anchored our staff for years. She is skilled in fram selection, optic lenses, adjusting, contact lenses, etc.

  • Jack M

    Jack is another of our fine opticians anchoring our optical business with Paul. Absolutely one of the best frame adjusters ever, many of our patients have relied on Jack for years for the perfect adjustment of their frame. Jack is with us part time and also fills in when we need him.

  • Jimmy C

    Jimmy has been with us since 1999. One of our longtime weekend warriors, Jimmy is an accomplished optician skilled in all facets of eye care from examination pretesting, eyeglass selection and fitting and contact lenses. Jimmy can solve any of your many eyecare needs.


Hours of Operation



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